Achaia Clauss

Αχαϊα Κλάους - Achaia Clauss

 The Tower of ACHAIA CLAUSS is the first Greek winery built in 1861 and today produces some of the most famous Greek wines. In its rooms the visitor can admire the green surroundings, historic buildings, woodwork aging barrels from 1873, the famous Mavrodaphne as well, Cellar lady Daniilida and taste some of the fine wines of ACHAIA CLAUSS. The facilities of winemaking ACHAIA CLAUSS stand out as one of the major tourist attractions. Its founder was the Bavarian Gustav Clauss who came in Patras in 1854 to work in a German raisin export company. On one of the trips he met the region who enchanted him with its natural beauty. He bought a peace of land to produce wine for himself. This resulted in the Castle - Winery kept intact until today. In 1861 he founded ACHAIA CLAUSS that with its excellent quality wines including Mavrodaphne Patras, conquered the Greek and international market. The stone buildings, the large carved oak barrels, the traditional wine cellar and the unique landscape attract thousands of visitors every year.