Was founded by the Pelasgians and was one of the most important city-states of ancient Arcadia. Founder of the city was Erimanthos son of Ariston, descendant of Pelasgos and Arcada. Later on will appear the Achaeans with their first king,  Phegeus son of Alpheus and brother of Foroneas, king of Argos. Phegeus changes the name of the city in Figia and during his era the city experienced its heyday. The Psofida minted its own coins in bronze and silver. One side bore the initials of the city, XO, and an acorn, the other side had Erymanthos founder of the city, or the goddess Artemis. In Psofida there was a theater, temples of Zeus, Aphrodite Erykinis, Erymanthos, holy Alkmeona and many public buildings. According to mythology in the area of Psofida Hercules killed Erymanthios boar. Coming for the feat he brought with him Psofida, daughter of King Erykas of Sicily. Children of Hercules and Psofida were Promachos and Echephron, who later became kings of Psofida. The city's name comes either from Psofin, descendant of Erymanthos either by Psofida, Eryka’s daughter who married Hercules. The Psofida mentioned in the Iliad. It participated in the Messenian wars and the Peloponnesian war. It maintained an alliance with neighboring cities - states Kleitor and Thelpousa- but had good relations with all the Arcadian cities and with the bordering stat of Ilia. He was a member of the Achaean League. From Psofida birthplace of Zante, Zakynthos settler, and Dardanus, founder of Dardanus in Asia Minor.  Alkmaeon too, who according the legend was a matricide and got purified into the waters of Erymanthos River. The Psofida was occupied by Philip V in 217 BC and later by the Romans who gave the city a semi-autonomy and the right to mint coins. The city was d estroyed by Alarichos in 398 and abandoned.