The "Egglezika" is located on the waterfront and are neoclassical mansions buildings. Of rare architectural value they are a notable example of the old country villas of the area, with interesting architectural features, important for the study of the history of architecture. This district was created early last century in the Ities of Patras. In the area built their villas British residents of Patras, the Hancock, form, Pilscher, Crowe and Stevens and a Greek, industrialist Kritikos. From those first inhabitants got its name "Egglezika". At that time the area became a place for holidays as it was quite out of Patras in order to evolve quickly in summer resort. Even today there are some of the villas of the British, some of which had also a tennis court. In 1921 Morfi family left the area because of the increasing traffic created by the route Patras-Pyrgos. Followed shortly thereafter by the remaining aristocratic families with the Crowes at the end, who in 1990 sold their mansion. In the same area there are wooden piers - platforms that functioned as boarding-landing stations for water taxis making the itinerary Beach - Patras.