Aigio is the oldest and second largest city of Achaia and also the capital of Egialia. The city is built amphitheatrically with a wonderful view of the Korinthian Gulf. In ancient times Aigio was the center of the Achaean League and according to Pausanias the place where Greek generals gathered and decided the Trojan War . It is an ideal holiday resort, as well as the starting point for trips to Delphi, Korinthos and Argolida. Aigio had been a very wealthy city relying its economy on raisin. The great financial development of the city was evident in the wonderful neoclassic buildings decorating a lot of parts of Aigio. This added a very distinguished architectural style to the city.

The German architect Ernesto Chiller who built unique buildings in Achaia also designed two churches: Virgin Mary Faneromeny and the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. Both churches are worth visiting.

He also designed the building of the Holy Cathedral and the Old Market (where the archaeological museum is today).

Conference Center of Aigio Aigio has a modern conference room, with a capacity of 310 seats. Located in Myrtia, near the church of Panagia Tripiti, next to the new harbor. It is a real ornament for the region of Aigialeia and has additionally a stunning garden full of palm trees . The room is available for conferences, meetings, lectures, concerts, etc. More information call 26910 to 68308, tel. / Fax 26910-28210 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.