Helmos mountain

Χελμός - Helmos

Chelmos in Slavic means snowy mountain. This impressive massif with its deep ravines, wooded slopes, inaccessible peaks, alpine lakes (Mavrolimni) Water of Styx, Tsivlos (altitude 720m) has been included in the network of protected habitats Natura 2000. Mediterranean firs, pines, oaks and many ochreoids compose the vegetation of the mountain. The fauna is rich in mammals and there have been recorded 149 species of birds and rare species of butterflies. The highest peak (High Peak) is at an altitude of 2341m., surrounded by Neraidorahi (2341m), Aetorahi (2252m. The mountain offers great hiking and mountaineering routes of any difficulty. Vouraikos In ancient times called Erasinos. The Vouraikos name derived from the mythical Voura, daughter of Nefeligeretis and Eliki. She was loved by Hercules who tore the mountains and opened the canyon to meet her. Thus was born the Vouraikos gorge that along the river composes a picture of unparalleled natural beauty. The river has a length of 40 km., and it source is Helmos near Priolitho (altitude 1000 m.) and the its outfall to the Gulf of Corinth, near Diakopto. After Kalavryta the river formed a gorge along 20 km. Rapids, plane trees, cliffs create a landscape of great beauty that causes the awe of thousands of visitors. The flora and fauna of the canyon is special: the rare nerokotsifas and otters live in the river. In the wild cliffs there are rare species such as the yellow Onosma evectum, thebeautiful Putoria calabria etc.