Roman Odeon

Ωδείον Πάτρας - Patras' Odeon

Built in 160 AD, a little earlier than the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Discovered in 1889 and restored in 1952 it has hosted since, the summer cultural events in the city (capacity 2000 spectators). In the surroundings are exposed sarcophagi and mosaics. It consists of four tiers of seats down, and seven above tier. The outer wall has five entrances to the stage and backstage. The spotlight is accessible by two masonry stairs, one right and one left. The orchestra is paved and divided by semicircular parapet of the auditorium. It was completely covered with soil until 1889 where he came back to light during the excavation works. After several decades the process of restoration was completed in 1956, year in which the Ancient Conservatory acquired its original form. In the same decade it was turned into an archaeological site exposuring sarcophagi, mosaics and other ancient findings.